Journal 3/2020 vol. 11


The Examination of Nutritional Status for Seniors Living in Social Institutions

Domestic Violence Against Self-Reliant Elderly Resulting from COVID-19 and Potential Solutions

Analysis of Chronic Wound Management in Nursing

Dilemmas about Quality of Life in Older People

Senior Homeless Population was Covid-19 Free in 3 shelter communities after adapting the Life Island model (Note)

Features of Hospice Management as an Institution in the Social Sphere in Ukraine: Regional Aspect

Influence of Movement on Quality of Seniors’ Lives

Personnel Management Measures for Regional Pharmacies in the Context the Shortage of Skilled Workers Due to Elderly and Demographic Changes

Analysis of Medium-term and Long-term Plans of Developing Social Services Focusing on the Elderly

The Impact Activity on the Quality of Life of Seniors Living in Retirement Homes

Health Care and Tumor Diseases With Special Consideration of Dermatology as Result of Increasing Aging

Risk of Burden on a Carer of a Patient With Alzheimer’s Type Dementia in the Family

Education of Seniors in Residential Facilities in the Framework of Activation Activities in the Form of the University of the Fourth Age (Minireview)

Ethical and Psychosocial Approach to Seniors

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