Journal 4/2020 vol. 11


Social Protection Priorities for Internal Migrants in Kharkiv Region, Ukraine

Migration and Integration: A Dilemma in the Integration of Afghan Refugees in Relation to Crimes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Integrated Communication as a Marketing Instrument in the Economy and Pharmaceutical Industry

Disparities In Social Development & Status of Women In Bimaru / Eag States Of India

Effect of Educational Program on Pressure Ulcer Prevention Intervention among Nurses of Intensive Care Units at a Public Hospital, Pakistan

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Kangaroo Mother Care among Neonatal Nurses

Religiosity and Social Capital as Prevention of Socio-Pathological Phenomena

Evaluation of Changes in Selected Life Areas from the Perspective of Shelter Users in the Czech Republic

Brief Survey of History of Roma people in the Great Rye Island

Sleep Disturbances in Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease

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