Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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About Current Issue:

“Devastation Consequences of Pandemia and
War Conflicts in Health and Social Security





CSW no. 4, vol. 13, 2022



Guest Editorial


Call for Socioeconomic and Health Infrastructure Rehabilitation after Pandemics and armed Conflicts – an ultimate wake up Call for the International Community? (Editorial) 


This current issue of Clinical Social Work  and Health Intervention (CSW, 1-5) summarizes the three last issues focused on two devastating events.

1st the two year pandemics of coronavirus infection originated from Hongkong 2003; via    Abu Dhabi 2012; Busan 2017; Wuchan 2019 via Italy, France and large airports and sports/ cultural events to Central and Eastern Europe.

2nd three war conflicts, two of them in Europe, or very close to the EU:

first in 2012-2020 in Yemen due to airstries and infrastructure bombing of Taizz,

Sanaa and Hodeida;

second in Karabakh, Stepanakert Region by shelling from Azerbajjjan;

third in Ukraine after bombing and still permanent shelling from Russian

and Russia-satellite allies to Ukraine.

We have to face the part played by devastating infrastructure destruction of hospitals schools, socio-economic and industrial damage to health and sanitary with consequences such as has been noted after an earthquake in Haiti and war in Rwanda and DRC. Currently, unfortunately, dealing with destroyed urban infrastructure in Mariopil and other towns, such as cholera outbreaks and Covid 19 resurgence results in massive a flow of refugees of war – a classic example of how socio-economic tragedy is followed by large health catastrophe. The EU is prepared for country rehabilitation including healthcare and educational support. The ultimate condition however is the immediate stopping of armed activities especially  bombing and shelling of the water supplies and sanitary infrastructure.


Anatolii Tsarenko

Institute of Geriatrics. Medical University School of Medicine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Maltese Sovereign Order in Ukraine Uzhgorod Border Post, Ukraine

Katarina Bundzelova

Refugee Health Programme St. Elizabeth University Michalovce M. Trcka Institute, Michalovce, Slovakia and Health Post Vysne Nemecke Uzhorod, Ukraine

Michal Olah

IGAP Vienna, Austria


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