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On october 6th, 2021 the editor – in – chief of our journal left us after an illness at the age of 84, Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh, MD, D.Phil, PhD, DSc, Dr.h.c. mult. *12.11.1936 +6.10.2021



About Current Issue:

Nutrition as Health Intervention in Central Europe




CSW no. 4, vol. 12, 2021


Guest Editorial


Nutrition as Health Intervention in Central Europe (Editorial) 


This issue of the Clinical and Social Intervention Journal is devoted to the topic
of nutrition and physical activity while tackling the problem of metabolic syndrome.
Nutrition is a factor of the external environment that significantly affects a person’s quality of life and their health. It is intended to: prevent nutritional deficiencies; achieve high functional performance; prevent diseases of civilization (cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, cancer, metabolic syndrome). Nutrition effects the development of chronic diseases by up to 50%.

This issue of the journal has been created thanks to the contribution of teachers of various higher education institutions, namely: St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences, Bratislava; the Catholic University in Ruzomberok – Faculty of Health; the Trnava University in Trnava – Faculty of Health Care and Social Work – Department of Public Health; P.J. Safarik University in Kosice – Faculty of Medicine – Department of Nursing Care and Department of Social and Behavioral Medicine; Tomas Bata University in Zlin – Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Management and Economics. This underlines the fact that this topic is very important and remains highly relevant.

The articles focus on various aspects of the metabolic syndrome: its connection with obesity; cardiovascular diseases; musculoskeletal system; non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; hypovitaminosis D; state of mental health. In their work, the authors did not avoid the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected all areas of our lives. Individual studies analyze eating and exercise habits and health literacy of children, students, adults and seniors.

The authors map and evaluate the current state of the matter in question; seek and propose solutions that would contribute to improving the health literacy of the population in the field of nutrition; increase their physical activity. We do have a common goal – whether from the point of view of medicine, nursing, social work or public health – which is to prevent and protect the health of our citizens.

Maria Belovicova
St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences, Bratislava, SK
Ivan S. Mironyuk
Uzhorod National University, UA