Friday, March 1, 2024

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About Current Issue:

"An interdisciplinary Perspective on Prevention II"



CSW no. 1, vol. 15, 2024


Guest Editorial

An interdisciplinary Perspective on Prevention II.


DOI: 10.22359/cswhi_15_1_01

This issue of the Clinical and Social Intervention Journal is devoted to the main pillars of
public health, starting with epidemiology, community medicine, through biostatistics and informatics to behavioural sciences, management and policies in public health. The contributions are compiled so as to present a holistic view of current public health problems, indicate the need for their solution in a wider interdisciplinary context, and to enable the fulfilment of the main goals in this area along with future challenges. This issue of the journal has been created thanks to the contribution of teachers of various higher education institutions, namely: the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava – Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Business Economics, University of Economic in Bratislava, St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences, Bratislava; the Catholic University in Ruzomberok – Faculty of Health; Tomas Bata University in Zlin – Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Management and Economics.
This underlines the fact that this topic is very important and remains highly relevant.
The articles are focused on health literacy of the population in the field of diseases of civilization. At the same time, they specifically point out the aspects of health literacy of adult patients through the eyes of nurses. Considering the technological challenges, the issues of cyberbullying and prevention against this phenomenon are not omitted in the contributions. Current social events also require solving problems in the field of human trafficking and addressing the importance of preventive activities in this area. Other
studies are devoted to issues of social support and selected preventable determinants of lifestyle in people with vertebrogenic problems, as well as the occurrence of arterial hypertension in patients with sleep apnea syndrome. An important part is analyses in the field of economic aspects of prevention, which are necessary in view of the current state of health care. The managerial aspect of public healthcare results both in the need to implement the principles of lean management in organizations providing healthcare, but also in the synthesis of knowledge in the form of challenges for healthcare managers
for the future. We do have a common goal - whether from
the point of view of medicine, nursing, social work, management and economics or public health - which is to prevent and protect the health of our citizens.


Nadezda Jankelova
Faculty of Public Health,
Slovak Medical University, Bratislava – teacher
Faculty of Bussiness Management,
Economic University Bratislava – teacher
Ivan S. Mironyuk
Uzhorod National University, UA




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