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About Current Issue:

"Developing and addressing Socio-pathological
Phenomena in Children, Adolescents and young
Adults in marginalised Environments


CSW no. 1, vol. 14, 2023

Guest Editorial

Developing and addressing Socio-pathological Phenomena in Children, Adolescents and young Adults in marginalised Environments (Editorial)

DOI: 10.22359/cswhi_14_1_11

The theme of this issue of CSW is Developing and addressing socio-pathological phenomena in children, adolescents and young adults in marginalized environments. This is a profoundly important concept affecting not just the indicated marginalized but all young people. In this age of digital & internet communications it means that younger & lonelier young people using texting on their telephones as their main contact with the world being
damaged. Because texting means monumentally less person-to-person contact, society is losing respect and kindness to and from others leading to disrespect and anti-social pathological behaviors.
CSW begins with a paper Urinary Incontinence in Pregnancy & After Childbirth from M.
Popovičova. et al. We are reminded that all the topics CSW covers, everything, all human beings experience, begins before birth. Olga Gouni of Cosmoanelixis in Athens, Greece says: “CSW is connecting the impact on mothers from natural disasterslike earthquakes, to cultures, to every eventshe personally experiences, as Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology research has shown, is encoding and educating not just her not-yet-born baby but also
its transmission to future generations.” From thousands of research papers including Prebirth, Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology now called Prenatal Sciences, this first paper suggests that the born baby could have urinary pathologies as she or he grows?
Tugba Toptaş Bocc et al. reminds us of the painful times Determining the Relation Between
Relational Interdependent Self-Construal and Psychological Resilience of University Students in the COVID-19 Pandemic Process during the 2 years of lockdowns.
Lucia Ludvigh Cintulová et al. reveals the impact on perhaps the most marginalized society
in just one region in Health of Roma people living in marginalized communities in Slovakia.
We are all concerned about the invasion in Ukraine possibly leading to World War III is expressed by Michael M. Costello, JD, MBA shared in his paper Civilian and Military Mental
Health Concerns in Ukraine.
Katerina Ratislavova et al. returns us to the beginning of Prenatal Sciences describing Students‘ Motivation and Orientation to Midwifery of those woman & men training to safely of mother’s and babies bring new humans into the world.
Helena Zaskodna et al. studies ways to care for caregivers in the paper Management of Informal Caregivers’ Burden in a Selected Region of the Czech Republic.
As CSW has shared illustrations of the hypothesis that all human experience is initiated
during the prebirth period, we gratefully honor the pioneering Prenatal Sciences research which was began at St. Elizabeth University & specifically the visionary creativity of the Founding Editors of CSW, Prof. Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh & Prof. Michael Olah. Thank You forth birthing a better future!

Jon RG & Troya GN Turner
Co-Founders & Co-Directors
Whole-Self Discovery & Development
Institute International, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM, USA & Grootebroek,
The Netherlands