Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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About Current Issue:

Current Burning Issues of Health and Social Problems in Elderly Population



CSW no. 3, vol. 11, 2020

Guest Editorial


Current Burning Issues of Health and Social Problems in Elderly Population 

Current issue of Clinical social work and health intervention journal focus of emerging problem in social work resulting from demographic changes in last 20 years in developed world-increasing proportion of elderly population(seriors).

Several important issues are mentioned in papers selected to this thematic issue-from management of Chronic wounds in elderly,Covid-related isolation issues in seniors, Alzheimers Disease, Domestic violence in seniors,nutritional status in elderly individuals, management of nursing homes for seniors and Hospices and other related issues,bridging social work and geriatric aspects in management of this growing population.

This issue may have benefit for all those,taking care, students volunteers professional social workers,nurses,gerontologists,sociologists working with eldely clients and patients.

                                                                  Dr. Roberto Cauda, Ph.D.

Institute o Inectious Diseases,

Catholic University o the Sacred Heart

Rome, IT

Peter Marks MD MRCP

North London PostgradMed School

London, UK