Tuesday, October 15, 2019

International Scientific Group Of Applied Preventive Medicine I - Gap Vienna, Austria

About Current Issue:

“Social Work Clients In Critical Health Conditions”


CSW no. 2, vol. 10, 2019

Guest Editorial

Implementation of a social health is the issue the current developed societies are looking answer for. I had possibility to serve marginalized community in postwar zone in rural area of South Sudan as surgeon during recent years. Most of the health workers have been local Africans and men. I have discussed the issue of migration with those wither higher health education — clinical officers. Education and practice of emergency medicine allows them to move freely to surrounding countries. There is a lack of health professionals. To get a job is not a problem. Why don’t you choose for a better life, Ihave asked them. The nurse — man answered. When I move out, there will be no way back with a dignity to our home community. Where have you been when bullets been flying around our ears, everybody will ask? Having community roots is basic for success in health and social work.  The current issue of the online magazine is focused on actual problems of social work and health care in different social conditions. Growing group of elders in Europe and other developed regions become issue not only because good and accessible health care, specially hospice and palliative. It is also issue of well being of seniors. Loneliness is common in rich societies. Migration from insecure places become evergreen song of modern days on other side of the  planet. Many migrants are suffering by port traumatic stress disorder. Pictures of war, death of family members, exploitation during the way to their destination are in many mouths and in almost every heart of migrant. It has to be considered in process of integration in recipient community. People in social need often suffer by communicable diseases. Knowing the own health status is a key issue in prevention of spread. Screening of hepatitis C in diseases in reintegration facilities in Eastern Slovakia shows the burden of disease. Authors describing Intricate relationship between poverty and HIV and Protection of children from forced labor in Pakistan are trying not only describe the critical situation. Inspiration to improve the state is offered. Never ending story of marginalization of Roma children in special schools due to second language barrier in Slovakia are investigated. The best solutions for social health are system solutions. They are growing from long lasting experience and from cultivated human hearts and souls. Local „rescue“ actions have can not be underestimated, where system solutions are not applicable due to lets say not fertile but rocky soil in human hearts.

Marian Bartkovjak
St. Lesley College, Maternal Health Unit
SAMRS development program
Gordhim, South Sudan