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About Current Issue:

Social and Health Problems of the Marginalized
and the Handicapped



CSW no. 4, vol. 11, 2020

Guest Editorial


Social and Health Problems of the marginalized and the Handicapped 

This Current Issue of the Clinical Social Work Journal presents two important
issues: that health problems of the marginalized and the handicapped are not issues
only of developing but also high income (developed) countries.
We present submissions from India, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia dealing with
similar issues as in the Central and Eastern European regions as reported by authors
from Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine.
We see such similarities despite improving economies, including the Southern
Asian region which report increasing annual economic growth in India, Pakistan,
Iran, and Saudi Arabia which has one of highest incomes in the Middle East. Probably
the position of social workers is not as strong as we see in the UK or Scandinavia.
In Central Europe, and mainly in Ukraine, the competencies of social workers
are apparently not strong enough to protect the vulnerable populations and groups
such as we see in this issue, chronically ill, migrants, homeless, elderly, etc.
Economic growth as we see in Central Europe is not the only issue in social policy.
In this Christmas Issue in the EU, or New Year Issue in other countries, more
humanistic and empathic approaches will attract our attention to those vulnerable
and socially disadvantaged, living, or even starving, so closely near us.

                                                                  Michael Olah

ISEU John Havlik Campus Skalica SK EU and IGAP Vienna

Eva Horvath

Slovak Med Univ. and Ctr of Immunology Vienna Austria

Vladimir Krcmery

St. Elizabeth Univ. and Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh, UK