Journal 2/2020 vol. 11


Editorial: Health Economics Threats: Lessons from Ebola, Avian Influenza and Coronavirus

Ethnic and Religious Minorities and The Refusal to Vaccinate in Europe and USA

Vaccine Refusal and its Legal and Ethical Consequences

Hospital Utilization Trends in Selected New EU Member States

Roma Population: Social Determinants and Primary Care Outcomes in Selected Countries of the CEE Region

Global Climate Change Related Zoonotic ID and Impact on Global Health Care Economics

Prevention of Disease-related Mortality from Chronic Non-communicable Diseases

Mapping the Literature of Health Education: Textual Analysis of Government Schools Textbooks

Latin American Immigration. Public Health Implications and Challenges

Logistics, as Intervention to Secure the Supply of Medicines to Healthcare Facilities by Pharmacies and other Drug Manufacturers and Suppliers

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