Journal 3/2022 vol. 13


Devastation Consequences of Pandemia and War Conflicts in Health and Social Security (Editorial)


Dental Anxiety – Psychological and Physical Factors as Triggers


The Impact of the Pandemic COVID 19 on Adolescent’s Sports Performance in Czech Republic


Spreading Terrorism, Militancy, and Radicalization in Malakand Division Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan: An Analysis of the Economic Factors


The Integrative Framework Model on Stresses and Resources in the Teaching Profession According to Cramer et al. from the Perspective of Adult and Further Education Workers in Work with Refugees


Immigration to the USA: Current Opinions on the Ukraine and Latin America Countries


New Trends in the Field of Social Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities


Caregiver Strain in Community Care


Marginalized Groups and their Health in Society


Volunteering of Students of Helping Professions in Pandemic Times at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care, CPU in Nitra, Slovakia


The War in Ukraine and the Participation of St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work in Helping at Border Crossing Points


The Benefit of Professional Parenthood for the Child


Implementing Nursing Standards in Care Maps for Breast Cancer Patients


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