Journal 2/2022 vol. 13


Editorial – Psychosocial Consequences of Armed Conflicts on Society

Concerning the Humanitarian Crises in Ukraine

Spectrum of Humanitarian Help to migrants of War from Multi-ethnic vs. Mono-ethnic Regions (Note)

Personal Journey through Memory in Ukraine (Letter to the Editor)

Unexpectedly low Incidence of COVID-19 among Refugees of War from Ukraine to Slovakia in First Month of Conflict (Original Research)

Comparison of Risk of Diseases and Humanitarian Help of Areas after Bombing and Shelling in Yemen and Karabakh Autonomous Region Armenia

Among Refugees of War from Ukraine, Yemen and Syria, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is the Commonest Diagnosis among Health CTR Visits

Acute Post Trauma Stress Syndrome (PSS) versus Chronic PSS after Armed Operations in Bosna, Yemen versus Lebanon and Syria

Holding Together for Curing This Wounded World

Minimal Occurrence of Suspected Tuberculosis among Immigrants of War from Ukraine Shelters and Orphanage in Comparison to HIV Positive Cambodian Children from Orphanage

Review on Vietnamese Refugees, Resettlement and Mental Health: From Pulau Bidong, a Malaysian Experience

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