Journal 4/2022 vol. 13


Call for Socioeconomic and Health Infrastructure Rehabilitation after Pandemics and armed Conflicts – an ultimate wake up Call for the International Community? Editorial


Specificities in the Guidance of Refugees from Ukraine


Ethical Challenge of Discerning Refugees from Economic Migrants: Critical Observations and Conclusions Regarding Slovak Capital Facing Huge Tide of Ukrainian Citizens Nowadays (Case Study)


Awareness, Social Media, Ethnicity and Religion: are they Responsible for Vaccination Hesitancy? A Systematic Review with Annotated Bibliography


Low occurence of Tuberculosis and HIV among Ukrainian Immigrants of War at the Border post in Uzhorod – Vysne Nemecke at point prevalence testing (note)


Weakness Period in Food Assistance as Part of Social Work for Ukrainian Migrants of War Conflicts


Social Work and Health Intervention in the Karabakh Region of Armenia during the War in 2019


Destruction of Socio-economic, Educational and Health Infrastructure including Pipelines may lead to Cholera Outbreaks in Mariupol and other Damaged Towns in Ukraine


Homeless Young People – Relationships and Risks of living on the Street


The Role of Media in Humanitarian Interventions and Relief Campaigns on the Example of Slovak non-profits Response to the Conflict in Ethiopia


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