Journal 1/2020 vol. 11


Health Intervention and Social Work plus Education As Joint Prevention of Social Pathology in Orphans in Lesotho

Analysis and Situation Report on Children and Orphans in Yemen

Small Social Work and Vocational Intervention Program in Urban Kenya and Tanzania to bring the Children from a Street to School Experience in Kisumu, Eldoret, Malindi

Increasing Proportion of MRSA in S aureus and Non-Albicans Candida Among Candida spp, Colonizing Adolescent Refugees to Greece May Be a Signal of Overpopulation of Migrant Facilities and Camps

Mother and Child Health and Educational Programs in Regions After Civil War or Genocide-experiences with Maternity Projects in Mozambique, Burundi and South Sudan

Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome (PSS) in Child Victims of War, and their Consequences in the Ten Year Experience in Lebanon and the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan

The quality of lives of unaccompanied minors migrating to Europe

Perspective of Nurses and Parents Regarding Family Centered Care (FCC) Among Pediatric Patients in Tertiary Care Hospitals, Peshawar

Effects of Home Environment on Children’s Development A Comparative Study

Prenatal Palliative Care and Perinatal Hospice – New Challenges in Caring for the Precious Gift of Life in its Fragility

Families with a Disabled Child’s Perception of Societal Attitudes Towards Them

Out of Home Placed Children in Slovakia

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