Journal 4/2019 vol. 10


The Influence of an Organization on Strategies to Handle Emotions of Social Workers Working with Vulnerable Children in the Czech Republic

Analysis of Self-Sufficiency for Seniors

Intervention of National Economies to Health and Social Security: Antibiotic Policy as an Example of EU Solidarity with Migration Crisis or Social Pathology? (Note)

The Significance of Anthropometric Indicators in the Prediction of Abdominal Obesity in Obese Patients

Chronic Hepatitis C – in Risk Groups in Eastern Europe: a Global Public-health Problem

Challenges Faced by a Sports Woman in Pakistani Society

A Study on the Factors that Predisposes Couples to new HIV Infection: A Case-study of Mary Immaculate Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Centre, Nairobi-Kenya

Spectrum of Communicable Diseases in Lesbos Island UNHCR Refugee Camp

Changing Spectrum of Migrants entering Greek Refugee Camp 2019 in Comparison to 2015/2016. (Psychological and social challenge) (Letter to The Editor)

Education Harmonization in Nursing and Social Work as Response to Vulnerable Patient/Client Groups in the new Candidate Member States – Solidarity from European Union (Note)

Analysis of 9,896 Homeless Patients within an Urban Area in 2014 – 2019 – Social Pathology Leading to Poor Health

Psychosocial and Medical Intervention before Emergency Travel in Humanitarian Workers – How early is not too late?


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