Journal 5/2021 vol. 12


Editorial – Nutrition as Health Intervention in Central Europe


Health Awareness in the Field of Physical Activity in Slovakia


Metabolic Syndrome and Mental Health in the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic


Comparison of Health Literacy of the Population Regarding Healthy Diet and Chronic Liver Diseases – West vs. East of Slovakia


Analysis of the Association of Selected Leisure Time Activities and Overweight in University Students


Eating Habits of People Aged 15-18 Years


Health Awareness in the Field of Eating Habits in Slovakia


Preffered Methods of Treating Obesity in Late Adulthood and Senior Age


Nutrition of Children in Roma Community


Metabolic Syndrome and NAFLD in a Social Reintegration Facility Environment – Project Results


Steps to Development and Increase of Physical Movement and Health Literacy


The Effect of Obesity on Musculosceletal System


Key Predictors of Overweight and Obesity in Adult Population


Eating and Lifestyle of University Students During the Worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic


Occurrence of Obesity in Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases


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