Journal 2/2014, Vol. 5

  • Life-long learning as a way to mainstreaming & competencies: competencies as a way to social inclusion & improvement in the quality of life of people with disabilities  the level of patient satisfaction with outpatient chemotherapy administration
  • Ethics and approach to the patient in the icu
  • Evidence-based practice in social work education
  • Research of the level of awareness of patients with glaucoma
  • Radiological examination methods of cardiovascular disease
  • Student in department of emergency medical care
  • The analysis of hiv/aids trend at mary immaculate vct nairobi-kenya: ten years evaluation report, 2013
  • A subjective perception of poverty in the podtatranský region
  • The need for implementation of business ethics to the services used by the older population
  • Ethical dilemmas in social work
  • Reflection & possibilities of expert graduation of st. Elizabeth university of health and social sciences graduates in the field of social work
  • Falls of patients in healthcare facilities as extraordinary incidents
  • Poverty & poor eating habits are two of the essential factors that affect the health condition of marginalized roma population
  • Compensation of a disability after arthroscopy & total ankle joint replacement
  • Level of anxiety and anxiousness with adult children based on their relationship to the parents with diagnosed nonspecific chronic disease


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