Journal 1/2014, Vol. 5

  • The level of patient satisfaction with outpatient chemotherapy administration
  • Risk of recurrency in patients with complication of hypertension and cardiovascular risk of their realatives
  • Time trend in tumor disease incidence in children and adolescents in the Czech Republic
  • The Social exclusion of Romanies and the strategies for coping with this problem
  • Indistinct identity of social work as a barrier of good practice (Situation in Czech Republic)
  • The spiritual and moral foundation of social work
  • Monitoring of the level of satisfaction of patients and families with the provision of home nursing care
  • Students and graduates opinion on work career in social sector
  • Quality of social work in social services in the Slovak Republic
  • Conflict between employee and employer in terms of social work
  • Management – The specific human activity in social work
  • Social-work and psychology in a mutual dialogue


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