Journal 4/2011, Vol. 2

  • Infectious dseases abd eartquakes, experience from Haiti;
  • Management of Law back pain in Lybian Health Centre;
  • Tuberculosis Care and control in refugee and displaced Rwandan populations;
  • Laboratory Surveillance of common diseases at Kenyan St.Raphael Clinic within 4 years;
  • Epidemiological study of HIV/AIDS Infection in rural area of Burundi – Rutovu Model of Decentralized HIV/AIDS Care;
  • New vectors of old diseases: Lessons from Medical Entomology – Review Article;
  • News in AIDS: Social Work with HIV Management and Prevention;
  • Severe Malaria: Pathogenesis as a basic for understanding clinical features and treatment and Psychosocial Sequelle – Review;
  • etc..


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