Journal 2/2021 vol. 12



The need for Rapid Vaccination Coverage against COVID in People with Neuromuscular Diseases

Pharmacy Vaccinations

Socio-cultural Factors and the Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Malakand Division: A Qualitative Analysis

Social Aspects of Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-palpable Breast Lesions. Important Factor affecting Quality of Life in Cancer Patients undergoing Surgery

COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy in Germany

Economic and Social Aspects of Secondary Lymphedema following Treatment of Breast Cancer

Advantages of the Introduction of Electronic Healthcare Prescriptions before COVID Era Experiences in Pioneer Countries Estonia and Finland and the Status in Germany

Delivery of blistered Medicines as an Important Factor in Medication Safety and Maintaining Patient Health in Times of Lockdown due to COVID-19

Use of Apps in Pharmacy as a Communication Tool

Crisis Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A study on the timing of HIV repeat test: A case study of Mary Immaculate VCT Center, Nairobi, Kenya

The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Stress Test – ensuring Individual Medical Respiratory Care: Aspects to Objectify the Discussion

Knowledge on Marriage and Reproduction in Islam for Multicultural Healthcare and Social Work Needs: Results of the Survey at Five Public Universities in Slovakia

Nutritional Behavior and Status of Unaccompanied Minor Refugees in the Moria Camp, Lesbos, Greece

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