Journal 1-2/2011, Vol. 2 – TROPICAL Special Edition

  • Breastfeeding and vitamin D in comparsion with occurrence of infectious events among HIV exposed children in Rural Aganda;
  • Adherence to visiting-counceling and treatment aids-center in eldoret (Kenya) Rural Comunity;
  • Laboratory Diagnostic determination of C-Reactive Protein in AIDS population in Ethiopia;
  • Herpetic coinfections in children with AIDS increases the risk of immune reconstitution Syndrome (IRS);
  • Imported cerebral malaria with multi organ failure mof in European Travellers acquired during short travel to benin despite chemoprophylaxis;
  • Spectrum of Tropical Disease and Social Background in our lady of Fatima clinic in Gordinm, Sudan during Malaria Season 2010;
  • etc…


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